A New Door

We never know what is going to happen when we follow God. The conference I am serving has 20 pastors in attendance. A few of them are in the picture above taking a tea break. God is using each one of these individuals. Some of them have high profile positions and others serve in small churches. Each has a story of how God is using them.

Gilbert is a Godly man who has a unique position in a large, college prep Nairobi school. The school is for children ages 5-21. It is one of the best schools of its kind on the continent of Africa (Just to help you understand…there are no private and public schools in Kenya…each family pays for their child’s education…the more money one has the better the education will be). Three thousand Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and non-religious students from wealthy families all attend this educational institution. Gilbert’s position at this school: he is the bible teacher and school pastor. Kenya requires its schools to teach the Bible as a required subject because the government has established itself as a Christian government (Please don’t read into this…I’m not saying this is better or worse than our current government policies…I’m just explaining how the Bible is a required subject in schools).

Every Friday the students and staff (over 3100 people) gather for an assembly. The assembly has 10 minutes of Christian worship music followed by a 20 minute Bible lesson. Gilbert speaks to this wide-age range crowd with its various religious backgrounds each week. After the assembly is over, he then chooses one grade of students and shares an additional 30 minutes of Bible learning. He rotates through the grades so by the end of the school year he has been with each grade several times.

He told me he regularly presents the Gospel asking students and staff to give their lives 17 7 19 A New Doorato Jesus. He uses the 30-minute lessons to share biblical principles, tailoring each talk to be age specific, challenging the students to follow Jesus and obey His teachings. As a result of his love for the students and staff, he is now considered the school pastor. Both students and staff come to him for counsel, prayer and spiritual guidance.

Today, after dinner, he approached Robbie and me. He pulled us aside and asked us if we would speak to the students and staff this Friday. He also asked if we would be willing to speak with the 8th grade students following the assembly for their additional Bible lesson. We agreed, but we are both humbled and awed that God would give us this ministry door.

So…on Friday at 7:30am (that will be 12:30am in OH), Robbie and me will be speaking at this school. Please pray for us. Gilbert asked us to share the Gospel and then to end it by having a call to accept Christ. Because of his reputation, character and ministry, the principle of the school gave him permission for this to happen. Pray for Gilbert. He has wonderful ministry of teaching the bible and being the pastor in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious school. Wow! God has His people representing Him from the highest to lowest places.

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