Welcome to Kenya

After 20 hours of flying and layovers, I made it to Kenya. I had no trouble getting here. No flight delays, no one getting dragged off a plane, and no bumpy flights. The loneliest activity in the world is traveling long distance alone. I did try to talk to people. I met a grandmother on her way to Savannah to spend time with her grand kids. I spoke with a man from Canada who works for the U.N. And of course, there was the traveling bag lady sitting beside me for 9 hours from Amsterdam to Nairobi. She seemed sweet, but clueless. She only spoke with me when she needed help with her in-flight movies. I wish I could tell you I had some meaningful conversation with someone, but that was not the case.

I arrived in Nairobi around 10pm (I am 7 hours ahead of you). I made it to my temporary residence around midnight. I was shocked by my accommodations. On my previous journeys to Kenya my home-away-from-home has always been primitive and rustic. Not this time! I have a private room and bath with hot water, a bed with a stylish mosquito net and even a couch to recline while I write my blogs. It is not a hotel. It a property owned by a church (PEFA Church of Nairobi…you can find it on Google). I feel humbled to stay in such a nice place. The pastors I am serving will sleep on a floor, share 1 or 2 toilets and heat their water on a propane stove.

The team is small right now…just me and one other person. Her name is Robbie. Robbie founded Ancient Promise (again…you can Google this ministry). She is a godly woman who loves the Lord and His people. Ancient Promise is striving to help others interpret and use God’s Word correctly. Here in Kenya, biblical resources are scarce. A pastor will have one bible, no commentaries, no Internet and no published bible studies. Most will have no education beyond the 8th grade. For the next two weeks I will be working with 20 pastors teaching them how to use the bible, give them a method to rightly interpret it, develop sermon outlines, and share techniques to deliver a message. It is exciting and challenging work.

I found out this morning that Robbie is sick. I spoke with her briefly. Please pray for her to recover. I am not prepared to teach her part of the material (she teaches a study called Transformed by Truth…it challenges the pastors to be godly men.) I teach a material titled Discovering God Together (which focuses on using the bible correctly and developing sermons). I know some of us might struggle with the idea of a woman teaching a group of pastors. Trust me…if Ancient Promise could find enough male teachers willing to come to Africa, Robbie would gladly work with the pastor’s wives. In fact, that is what happens when enough men are available. It is interesting to see how the pastors relate with her. They affectionately and respectfully call her Mama Robbie. She is a vital person God uses to build His Kingdom. Please lift her up.

One Comment on “Welcome to Kenya

  1. I just flew from Germany to California and then back to Germany two days later. about 50 hours of travel by myself and so I resonate with the loneliness and the lack of meaningful conversations. Thanks for posting this update! I will be praying for you and those you are working with.


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