Beauty in Dirty Places

Today has been an incredible day. Before I share what happened, I need to re-communicate some information that got lost in translation yesterday. First of all, Kenya has public and private schools. Public schools are free and private schools are expensive. The school I spoke at today is a public school (named Mwiki Primary School) that has a private school reputation. Hence, it is one of the best public schools on the continent of Africa. It is also one of the largest. It is required that both public and private schools teach the bible as part of its curriculum, but Mwiki has embraced the Scriptures and holds assemblies each week for the purpose of singing songs and hearing God’s Word. Assemblies are not a required part of the curriculum.

Upon arrival to the school (we were running late…a common theme in Kenya), we found 3,000 students standing outside waiting for us. They were not running all over the place. They were standing quietly and patiently. I was impressed to say the least. They rushed us to the front of the assembly. Robbie gave a brief introduction and then she handed me the microphone to share a brief devotion. I said hello and in unison 3,000 students said, “Good morning Pastor Cary.”

After the assembly ended, I was taken to a room where I was asked to speak again to 80 eighth grade students. I started by telling them one of my favorite verses in the bible is Psalm 23:6. I paused to take a breath and before I could start my next sentence all 80 students started reciting Psalm 23:6. They all had previously memorized the verse in their bible class and just started quoting it. I was impressed and humbled.

After speaking to the students, I was hustled back to the pastor’s school to continue the training. I taught there for a couple of hours and was then taken back to the school to speak with the teachers of the school. They have a teacher fellowship each week and they requested that either Robbie or I come back to share with them. Robbie had done this in the past so she graciously offered me the opportunity to go speak with them. It was an encouraging time of sharing God’s Word with the teachers. Not all of them know the Lord, so it was a witness to them. When my time with the teachers ended I was taken back to the pastor’s training.

17 7 21bOne interesting thing, the neighborhood we had to drive through to get to the school and the neighborhood the school is in are both very poor and common communities in greater Nairobi. Pastor Paul, my guide and transportation, told me as we were driving through the neighborhoods, “Very few white people ever come to this part of Nairobi. Don’t be offended if the people stare.” Yes…they were staring. Several of the students while shaking my hand would rub the skin on my arm. I have had this happen before. They were trying to see if the white would rub off.

I was humbled today. I can’t believe God would give me the opportunity to represent Him to so many at one time. The kindness of the Kenyan students and teachers made me feel special. I pray God’s Word will spread through Kenya with power changing many lives.

One Comment on “Beauty in Dirty Places

  1. I just shared your teaching of Psalm 23:6 yesterday when I saw you were in Nairobi.


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