Wings of Compassion

I met a couple today whose faith dwarf’s my own. Danshire and Dorcas Nigoroge manage a ministry called Wings of Compassion. The ministry is unique for many reasons, as I will try to explain, but from a 10,000-foot view it is different because it is the only one of its kind in Nairobi. Danshire and Dorcas opened up their home to orphaned girls who have been raped or molested by their caregivers after they were orphaned. All of the girls they receive are between the ages of 12 and 16. Here is what happens: a young girl loses both parents to disease or tragedy and is then re-homed with relatives. A male relative (uncle, nephew or cousin) then molests the young girl until she becomes pregnant. To avoid being caught and jailed, the male relative will abandon the pregnant girl to the streets claiming she has brought shame to the family by getting pregnant.

Danshire and Dorcas believed God was calling them to rescue these girls and give them the hope of Jesus which they knew would bring healing to their wounded hearts, abused bodies and emotional health. Another thing that makes this couple unique is that they 17 7 22 Wings of Compassionbhouse these girls in their home. Their home consists of a 4 room block house which is maybe 900 square feet. Outside in their little courtyard they have built two shacks and open-air kitchen. Seventeen girls and 17 babies, along with this beautiful couple, share this home.

Danshire and Dorcas teach and show the love of God to these girls and their babies, but they also include developing life skills. They require the girls to go to school and graduate. They help them find jobs and teach them good financial habits. They show them how to be moms and how to develop a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. On one of the walls in their small living room are pictures of 16 young ladies who once lived in Wings of Compassion. Danshire, with the joy of any father, proudly shows these women off explaining how they all have jobs and a place to live. He smiles even bigger when he explains the wedding they had last year for one his girls.

The truly unique thing about Wings of Compassion is the faith of Danshire and Dorcas. They are in their mid and early 60’s. Due to the needs of small children while the girls go to school, neither of them have a paying job. They told story after story of how God provides for their family. Several times they have run out of money or food only to have God provide in some miraculous way. They told of how God has provided free health care for the pre-natal, birth, and after birth health visits (that’s right…God has provided free health care to this ministry in a country that does not even have health insurance plans). To them miracles are normal. I have never met anyone like them. I have never seen anyone who had nothing and at the same time had everything. It is the first African ministry I have ever met that did not ask for any financial assistance. They asked me for NOTHING except that I pray for them and ask others to pray for them. Before I left they asked me to pray. I wept as I prayed. It was tears of amazement and conviction at the same time. I left their home humbled and awed.

I cannot and will not easily get over what I experienced today. I also cannot fully explain it to you. As I sat there I wished Cherry and the boys were with me. I wished church family could hear and see what I was hearing and seeing. I wished this kind of faith were not so uncommon. I wished it were in me. As I sat there I think I heard God say, “Cary, you have skill. They have faith.” I think faith is better. I am going to pursue the kind of faith I saw today. And honestly, I’m troubled I haven’t been doing that already.

4 Comments on “Wings of Compassion

  1. Wow! Moved to tears and convicted of my little faith! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Pastor Cary – what a picture of faith and love. Your post tells of such great faith in the Lord and total dependence on Him. May God continue to bless the faithfulness of this couple. Praying for you.


  3. Pastor Steve said sunday that we should be forceful in our testimony, like a prizefighter throwing a punch that leaves a mark (impression) on our opponent. The faith of these servants leaves me with a real shiner. My the Lord continue to bless this incredible mission. PTL


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