Why Am I in Kenya?

My time in Kenya is now half over. I am missing my family, my church, my normal routine, and my selfish comforts. The initial buzz of energy in getting here, greeting old friends and making new ones has passed. Mornings are quiet and the evenings, after the day’s work has been done, are even quieter.

Quiet time can be good. It allows me to reflect on what God is showing me and process what I am experiencing. But, quiet time also becomes an opportunity to think about the bigger picture of my time in this place. There is a huge cost to this trip, and I’m not just talking about dollars. My wife and family pay a price for me being here. The church staff takes on extra responsibilities in my absence. I’m sure there are other areas affected, but my mind is tired and recalling all the important people and activities escapes me right now.

I need to explain why I am here. I need to try to communicate why this mission trip is important and why the cost, although expensive, is necessary. With so many sacrificing so much for me to be here, you need to understand that I know this experience is about more than me just taking a trip to Kenya and fulfilling some of my adventurous desires. I believe God is doing something through all of this and it is not just for me. No…it is much bigger than me.

Ancient Promise, the ministry I am working with, is dedicated to teaching others how to study God’s Word. We are passing along methods that allow people to use the Bible correctly without needing commentaries, gifted authors or exceptional communicators. There is nothing wrong with these talented people. They are doing what God has called them to do, but in Africa, and almost the entire Muslim and Hindu world, these resources are either banned or not available. Along with that fact is the reality that many people in developing countries do not receive the same type of educational opportunities that exist in America and Europe.

Ancient Promise has taken the skill of inductive Bible study and broken it down to its basic form. Once this method is taught (and caught) by pastors who serve in poor villages or hiding in Muslim or Hindi communities, the Bible becomes alive and understandable. They can begin to discern through the power of God’s Spirit what God’s Word is saying to them and for the people in their churches.


I am teaching pastors who will preach God’s Word and teach this method of Bible study to people in places Christian Americans could never go. Literally, the people I am training will take God’s Word to the frontline of the Christian-Muslim divide. Some of you may have heard of the region of the world known as the 10/40 Window. In this region of the world Christ has not been preached. It is also the most hostile region in the world to share the Gospel of Jesus. Over 3 billion people live in the dark blue countries. There are only a couple of places in the world that serve as a door to walk into the 10/40 Window. One of them is Kenya. Generally, the only Christian Americans who can enter 10/40 Window are military personnel.

By being here, I am doing what I can to spread the Gospel of Christ in dark places. If you are praying for me, if you are giving to the Lord at Grace Bible Church or if you are stepping up to help in some way because I am here, you are helping take Christ to people who have never heard His Name. Thank you!

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