Month: March 2018

One Way to Find God

906 Words – Approx. Reading Time 4 Minutes Hide and Seek…it is one of the oldest games in history. Historians have evidence of children playing the game in the 2nd Century, but it is believed it was played earlier. Not only is it an…

Is God Still Relevant?

914 Words – Approx. Reading Time 4 minutes Maybe God is out of touch with what is going on in the world? It is a popular thought. People are being bombarded with one crisis after another. The tragedies unfold in all shapes and sizes…

The Interrupter

920 Words – Approximate Reading Time 4 minutes I think God likes interrupting us. Interruptions are a part of life so it should not surprise us that God would use them to get our attention. Interruptions happen at a frantic pace. Because of this,…

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