Kind Interruptions

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God is not ticked off. He doesn’t rant to angels because of people’s sins. He is also not scorned. He is not silently scheming to take revenge on people because they chose to love themselves more than they love Him. He is not apathetic. He still cares as much about us today as He did when He put Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Sure, we might think God feels this way about us. After all, humanity has made some awful choices that prove our selfishness has no limits. But our selfishness does not hurt him; it only hurt us. As a result, our view of Him, and how he feels about us, has been tainted. We have become suspicious of Him when in reality He should be leery of us.

In 2015 my family moved into a new neighborhood. We bought a house at the end of a cul-de-sac that butts up to a horse pen. Six beautiful rescued horses live on the other side of the white fence that borders our property.

18 4 12 Kind Interruptions 2The previous owners of these horses lost interest in them when they could no longer perform at a high level. Each horse used to be fast at the racetrack or a high stepping show animal. Their value was based on their ability to win, and when they no longer had a shot at being the best, they were neglected.

My neighbor rescued them. She cares for them and uses the magnificent creatures to teach people how to ride. They are beautiful animals and I enjoy seeing them each day as come and go from home.

My neighbor told me I could feed them treats. They like carrots and apples, but their favorite are peppermints. On several occasions I have loaded my pockets with mints, stood at the fence and called out to the horses. I want to run my hand down the side of their face, tell them how beautiful and strong they are, and give them a treat. I want them to know they are valued because they exist. But truthfully, I haven’t had much success.

I go to the fence and call out to them. I know they hear me because they look at me, but18 4 12 Kind Interruptions 1 they will not come to me. I whistle. I hold out the treat hoping it will entice them over, but they just stand there—looking at me—chewing on hay.

I don’t know why they don’t come. At first I thought it was because I didn’t know their names. So I learned their names. It made no difference. Sometimes I feel they look at me think, “How do you know my name?” But they still will not come to me.

Maybe they don’t come because they don’t know me. Maybe it’s because I remind them of someone who hurt them. Maybe it’s because they just don’t trust my intentions. Who knows? All I know is that if they would meet me at the fence, I would be kind to them. I would give them something they like.

One day, while trying to be kind to the horses, I had a thought, “I wonder if this is how God feels when He calls out to people.”

God is in the business of interrupting people. An interruption stops us in the midst of feeling, thinking, saying or doing something. It breaks our normal routine and gives us an option to do something different. As I’ve shared in previous blogs, one way God interrupts us is by hiding in the boundaries He has placed in our lives, but that is not the only way He interrupts our world. At times, He calls to us and gives us the choice to come to Him.

18 4 12 Kind Interruptions 3We can be like the horses. We hear Him calling. We see where He is, but we are not going to move. Maybe we don’t understand His interruption. Maybe we don’t trust His intentions. So, we stand there settling to eat hay when we could have something sweet. We prefer to stand-alone when we could have Someone gently touch us and speak kind words to us.

I think the reason the horses will not come to me is because they are not sure I will be kind to them. They are either afraid or don’t trust me. Maybe it’s both. Funny, but I think that is the problem we have when God calls out to us. Will He be kind to me? Can I really trust Him? 

I am a fair weather horse caller. If it’s cold outside or raining, I don’t call for the horses.  God is not like that. He lovingly and patiently interrupts us—rain or shine. Why does He do that? Because He is kind and He desires to show His kindness to us.

The Bible says, “Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?”1

His kindness interrupts and gives us another option. Let’s look at why God interrupts us with kindness…next time.

1- Romans 2:4

3 Comments on “Kind Interruptions

  1. Beautiful blog and story Pastor. I find myself having a much greater affinity for animals than people. Maybe it’s because animals know God is always there for them. And they trust him without having reservations or speaking out loud to God. I can see God in their eyes much easier too. And I fine a certain peace in that.

    Sometimes, like a lot of how the world’s people act right now, I feel like this quote from Mark Twain. “When I get to heaven Lord, give me my animals. You can keep my people.”


  2. Cary I love this! It is so good. I am going to forward it to my Bible study group. I’m taking ladies through Being Renewed and todays lesson was on trust. This is so perfect.



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