Month: July 2018

Cold Stone in Kenya

413 Words – Approximate Reading Time 2 Minutes Saturday was a difficult day. It started with the rare privilege of getting to sleep late. I then got to eat a breakfast that someone else prepared. I spent the rest of the morning connecting with… Continue Reading “Cold Stone in Kenya”

Journey to Kenya

475 Words – Approximate Reading Time 2 minutes Airports are interesting. I guess I should say the people in airports are interesting. I see all kinds here. There are the business types…determined faces that communicate, “I’m on a mission get out of my way.”… Continue Reading “Journey to Kenya”

Kenya Bound

985 Words – Approximate Reading Time 4 minutes I always experience mixed emotions when I’m preparing to leave for Kenya. Part of me is thrilled to serve the wonderful pastors on the continent of Africa, and part of me is distressed. I know my… Continue Reading “Kenya Bound”

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