Harvest of Good Deeds

Well…I’m still reading Romans. I read this verse today and immediately thought of sharing it with you.

“…you are united with the one who was raised from the dead. As a result, we can produce a harvest of good deeds for God.” (Romans 7:4)

If you have received the grace God offers through Christ from the cross, you are united with the One who has conquered death. Get this…He died. They buried Him. He was in the grave three days.

What do we do three days after someone has died? Most of us get back to our normal routine. We are probably still sad, but we have come to grips with the fact the person is no longer with us. We have no anticipation of seeing them, talking with them, eating with them or laughing with them. We begin the process of moving on.

But, that is not what happened with Jesus. On the third day, resurrection power filled the corpse that housed the Son of God. The corpse was changed. It came to life by overcoming death and is still alive today! If you are follower of Christ, you are united with same power that raised Jesus from the tomb.

As a result of that power flowing in your being, you are now empowered to produce a harvest of good deeds for God…even in a Coronavirus infected world. I realize the good things you have been energized to do today may not look like the good things you did two weeks ago. That’s okay. God’s creativity to use His people as a force for good is not limited by the restrictions of health and state officials. “You are united with one who was raised from the dead” and released for this moment.

Call someone…Write a note and mail it…Volunteer at your local food bank…Deliver groceries to someone…Deliver someone’s medication to them…Pray with someone on the phone…Give someone who lost their job money…Prepare a meal and leave it on someone’s front porch…Walk through your neighborhood and pray for each house you pass…Help a neighbor with their yard work. Doing good in the name of Christ is still possible! Let’s be found producing “a harvest of good deeds for God.”

Here is a song I’ve been listening to that encourages me. May it encourage you.


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