Hello Fear

What do we do when we are afraid? To answer that question, we need to know what is scaring us. Different fears create different reactions. For instance, if we are afraid of…

  • The dark, we turn on a light.
  • Losing our job, we look for another one.
  • A stalker, we get a restraining order.
  • Confrontation, we try to please everyone.
  • Flying, we take the train.
  • Not having enough, we don’t share.
  • Our stuff being stolen, we lock the door.
  • Someone getting mad, we avoid them.

So, what do we do if we afraid of contracting COVID-19? What do we do if we fear someone we love is going to die? What do we do if we fear death? These are legitimate questions.

Removing fear from our world is not an option. Jesus was pretty clear. He said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” He did not say, “Don’t worry. If you believe in me you have nothing to fear.” Until He returns, we will face fear. It is unreasonable to think anything different.

The issue is not facing fear. It is responding to it. Not all responses to fear are necessarily a hinderance to our faith and obedience to God. It is possible to possess a healthy fear that motivates us to take the good, safe, caring, and responsible action. But, it is also possible to have an unhealthy fear that influences us to be selfish, uncaring, nasty, and foolish. It is the unhealthy fear we must recognize and push back against.

The Psalmist wrote…

But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. I praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? (Psalm 56:3-4)

Overcoming fear, the kind that causes us to be self-centered or unkind or negligent toward others, requires us to…

  1. Acknowledge fear is in our heart. The Psalmist said, “When I am afraid.” He is admitting fear has taken residence within him.
  2. Choose to trust God in the face of our fear. It is illogical, but we must do the opposite of what fear wants us to do because we trust obedience to God is the right course of action.
  3. Praise God because of His promises. Our trust is not blind. It is in One who has made  promises. We declare those promises in thought and words, and act on the promises with our behavior.
  4. Let trust overcome our fear. The writer comes to a logical conclusion. If he is going to trust God, then why should he be afraid?

I hate fear. I hate what it does to me. I hate what it does to the people I love. I hate what it is doing to our country. But I cannot make fear go away, I can only respond to it. You are in the same boat.

Let’s be found overcoming our fears. Would you join me?

Here is a song I’ve been listening to. May it encourage you.


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