Hearing God as a Dad

When my first son was born my life launched into the marvelous responsibility known as fatherhood. It is marvelous because it is task filled with wonder and delight. It is a responsibility because I became the example of what a human should be to another person. Marvelous responsibility…it applies to both my biological and adopted sons.

The marvelous part of being a dad is easy. I just sit back and enjoy one amazing thing after another as I watch my boys become men. Watching them being brave when facing their fears, taking a risk instead of accepting the easy way out, blushing when a cute girl notices them, making a sacrifice for the good of another…all of it is marvelous.

The responsibility of being a dad—that is more challenging. Charles Kettering said, “Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.” To think they are following my example humbles me. It can even scare me. What if I’m not a good example? Wait a minute…what about when I’m not a good example? Will they recover? Will they be able to remember the times I did fatherhood right and ignore those times I messed up?

I admit I need help to be a good example for my boys. Fortunately, I have found One who will help me. God knows how to be a father. He is one. When I listen to His voice, He guides me through this marvelous responsibility. He will do it for you to. Read here to get started.

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