Being a Dad

Being a Dad is the hardest job I have. I say it is hard, but I do not mean it is unpleasant. I truly enjoy being a father to four great boys, but it is hard work. It would be easier if all the boys were the same. If they were, then the parenting technique I use with the oldest would also work for the youngest. But that would take all of the fun out of being a parent. Each of the boys are different. They each have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, their own unique personalities and variety of interests. The quickest way to start an argument with my boys is to ask, “Where would you like to go eat?” Never have they all chosen the same place and rarely will one give up his choice for another (that’s why I just usually tell them where we are going to eat).

My wife and I thought we were pretty good parents, so to change things up and not grow complacent, we followed the Lord in adopting two brothers. Whatever we thought we knew or believed would work as a parent was thrown out the door the minute we brought them home…but it is joyful work. As a result, my blogs on this topic cover some of the unique challenges of being both a biological and adoptive dad.

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