Being a Husband

Being a husband comes with blessings and mystery. The blessings are easy to list: I’m accepted, loved, corrected, encouraged, supported and challenged (and this is just the beginning) all by this wonderful woman who is my wife. However, along with these blessings comes a mystery: even though she is the only woman I’ve lived with, loved, and raising a family with…I still don’t know all of her. The more time we spend together the more our relationship reaches new boundaries. I’m amazed at how we don’t get bored with each other…at how we can be mad at each other and desperately need each other at the same time…at how we share life and hold to each other when life is painful…at how we can laugh and cry and laugh some more. Simply put; I don’t get tired of her. In fact just the opposite is happening. I find myself more powerfully drawn to her.

Within these blogs about being a husband, I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned and the failures I’ve lived through in this relationship. Trust me, I’m still learning and I’m still making mistakes. I hope you find these blogs helpful and encouraging…and maybe they will even enrich your relationship with your wife.

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